Priscilla, Where Are You? A Call to Joyful Theology

Natalie Brand


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Priscilla, Where Are You? A Call to Joyful Theology

“What we believe about God is the single most important thing about us.”

This is a call to all Christians—but especially to Christian women—to engage more deeply in the joys of theology.

Priscilla was a woman of sound doctrine who wasn’t afraid to share what she knew with others.

And this is the privilege of every believing woman: we can explore truth and revel in God’s mysteries; we can live as God intended, with real spiritual strength and heartfelt praise. Then we, too, will want to share our discoveries with others.



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“Theologically minded women have played a tremendous role in my life, with ripple effects reaching out to my family, church, and community. This is the ‘Priscilla effect.’ Each of us is leaving a legacy of some sort; Natalie Brand’s life-giving book helps us see what that legacy is and what it ought to be. With great precision and warmth, Natalie gives us biblically compelling reasons to crave God’s doctrine and learn how to adorn it with our lives. I’m excited to read this book with other women.”

Bev Berrus
Bible teacher; pastor’s wife;
contributing author at She Reads Truth, The Gospel Coalition, and Well-Watered Women

“Priscilla, Where Are You? is theologically rich and heartwarmingly winsome, painting a captivating vision for a church full of female theologians. Natalie Brand writes that ‘we have never needed Priscillas more than we do today,’ and the pages of this book inspire us to this end, both in the example set by our biblical heroine and indeed by the author herself. I want my daughters and every woman in my church to read this book so that they might be stirred to ‘dig for gold’ in God’s Word—and thus to share this treasure liberally with a theologically impoverished world.”

Tim Blaber
Pastor, Hope Church Winchester;
Director of Training for Commission Newfrontiers

“Priscillas, where are you? Natalie Brand calls for churches to be filled with Priscillas who rejoice in the treasure of knowing God. This is what every woman was created for. Natalie writes with warmth, wit, and clarity, leaving the reader with a hunger for theology. We hope local churches will pass out this book and women will read it with one another and grow.”

Keri Folmar
Priscilla Talk, a podcast by 9Marks

“Natalie Brand urges all women to mine for the rivers of gold in God’s Word and to become theologians rather than resting content with a superficial grasp of the truth. If every woman in every church was like the great Priscilla from the Bible, how much stronger and alive we all would be! And yet every woman can be, with encouragement from this gem of a book.”

Lee Gatiss
Director of Church Society;
author of The Forgotten Cross: Some Neglected Aspects of the Cross of Christ

“I love the straight talk in Priscilla, Where Are You? and its call to become women with ‘gospel guts,’ women who love and know the deep things of God. This brief but solid book is a winsome invitation to women to find our joy, our life, and our purpose in knowing, loving, and teaching the Scriptures.”

Nancy Guthrie
Bible teacher;
author of Even Better Than Eden

“Be inspired to dig for gold in God’s Word, impacting the church and the world as you prize theology, share the truth, and shape others to praise God. ‘Priscilla didn’t need a pulpit to teach.’ No one can read this book and minimise this inestimable privilege given to women today.”

Elinor Magowan
Director of Women’s Ministry, Fellowship of Independent Evangelical Churches (FIEC)

“Priscilla is a heroine for so many of us—a woman who worked hard, risked her life for the gospel, and raised others up in the faith. We love her. In this short book, Natalie Brand invites us to walk in Priscilla’s footsteps, pursuing our Lord as Priscilla did two thousand years ago. This is an encouraging read— I appreciated Priscilla, my other sisters in the faith, and my Lord even more as I arrived at the last page.”

Jen Oshman
Bible teacher;
author of Welcome: Loving Your Church by Making Space for Everyone

“It’s exciting to be a woman who loves God’s Word; it holds life-transforming treasures. Priscilla knew that well, but we sometimes forget. How good, then, to be reminded in this little book of every Christian woman’s call to learn, live, love, and pass on good theology. As Natalie Brand encourages us to see, doing so is a privilege and a joy.”

Helen Thorne
Director of Training and Resources, Biblical Counselling UK


Natalie Brand

Natalie Brand taught systematic and historical theology for many years at Union School of Theology and still supervises research there. She has authored several books, including Complementarian Spirituality: Reformed Women and Union with Christ and Prone to Wander: Grace for the Lukewarm and Apathetic.

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Union Publishing
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April 4, 2023
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1. Priscilla’s Legacy

2. Digging for Gold

3. Robust Worship

4. Sharing Great Spoil

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