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Category: Bible
We need generation that is stronger than ever. Not born bull headed or temperamentally steady, but with true strength which is s a gift and freely available, untapped to every believer.
As you look to him, high and lifted up, it is here your burden falls. And tumbles down the hill, to be gone forever.
When Scripture reveals that God is light, it speaks of an overwhelmingly beautiful light that shines forth in radiant goodness. A light that brings life and warmth and joy and abundance to all the places it touches. All flourish and abound under its rays.
What kind of love is this? What kind of God is this?  The kind who says, “Come.”   “Come to the wedding feast.”  So, come, hungry. Come, thirsty. He has prepared a table for you. And it is only here, with him, where your hunger is satisfied, and your cup overflows. 
To catch a glimpse of Jesus is to be intrigued. There has never been a man as wise, kind, good, and compelling. There has never been another man in whom we find all the fullness of God.
The Christian and even the secular media contain many sad stories of Christian leaders being accused of all sorts of things. Bullying, sexual immorality, and financial irregularities. On a smaller scale, within congregations people find themselves accused. It is a minefield to make sure that injured parties are heard whilst innocent accused are protected.
We read four chapters later, this same Moabite woman is holding a baby. A baby not in the line of destruction but in the line of deliverance. Daring differently changed her destiny.
The purpose of theology is to warm the heart. Every page of every theology book exists to fan the affections into flame for Christ! My sisters, let us be women of rock-solid doctrine in this generation.
Like Esther, we stand outside the door wondering what he will do, or what he will say. Will he listen? Is he a God of life or of death? Unlike Esther, we are not saved, nor do we save others, because we knock on the door and walk in. We are saved because someone like Esther did.
O Lord, make us like John in the wilderness, with our gaze, hearts, and lives consumed by Jesus, your glorious Son.