One: Being United to Jesus Changes Everything

Clive Bowsher

Clive Bowsher

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One: Being United to Jesus Changes Everything by Clive Bowsher

The “you will” sayings of Jesus show how the living God works in believers’ lives, with implications for love, worship, obedience, nearness and intimacy, purpose, life, heaven, freedom, and prayer.

Knowing God isn’t a hard problem for us to solve; it’s a dazzling and thrilling reality for us to dive into.

You can know and experience in-one-another love with the Son, a love so close that it exceeds all expectations.

Jesus is inviting you to jump right in.


USA Publication: November 6, 2023


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“With a unique blend of scholarly insight, warmth, and clarity, Clive invites us to come and share the joy to be found in Christ. The way he writes this book reflects the One of whom it is written: honest, gentle, profound.”

Linda Allcock
author and co-worker with husband Jonty at The Globe Church, Central London


“I truly loved reading One: Being United to Jesus Changes Everything—it felt like I was being fed and pastored by a godly friend who had spent his life learning from and delighting in Christ. Every page celebrates the profoundly glorious reality of the Christian’s union with Christ and how this knowledge brings purpose, power, and hope to every task, opportunity, and crisis of life. As each chapter concluded, I was left stirred to praise and draw closer to the Lover of my soul. This book will help increase your enjoyment of the greatest privilege a person can know—to be one with Christ.”

Tim Blaber
Pastor, Hope Church Winchester, and Director of Training for Commission Newfrontiers


One: Being United to Jesus Changes Everything takes complicated theology and lands it in your life. It takes the words of Jesus concerning union with himself and shows us what they mean for our discipleship today. Without quite realizing it, we all too easily settle for a ‘less-than’ kind of Christianity. Written with delightful warmth and remarkable clarity, this book helps us see just how good and rich and full a life lived in union with Jesus can really be.”

Steve Midgley
Executive Director, Biblical Counselling UK


“This book is a little treasure that deserves to be well-known. Maybe you’ll discover it, and then ‘sell all you have’! Clive Bowsher writes simply but deeply, like the apostle John. Bowsher mines John’s Gospel for the essence of relationship with Jesus, and through the lens of union with Christ weaves stories of his own life—but it’s the union of real-life intimacy with God-in-Christ, not something floaty. If you want a fresh vision of walking with Jesus day-to-day, then I encourage you to read this book.”

Paul E. Miller
author of A Praying Life, A Praying Church and J-curve


“Pastor-theologian and scholar Clive Bowsher gifts us with a beautiful, accessible, and biblical invitation to come further up and further into the mystery and marvel of oneness with God. Read this book and revel in the greatest privilege this world affords.”

 Simon Ponsonby
Pastor of Theology, St. Aldate’s Church, Oxford, UK


“If you’re longing for more reality, more buoyancy, more satisfaction in your Christian life, this is the book for you. Clive Bowsher presents years of his scholarship in this subject with enviable liveliness and humanity, so that every Christian (especially those struggling) can heartily rejoice in Christ.”

Michael Reeves
President and Professor of Theology at Union School of Theology, UK


“What a wonderful book! There is nothing more important than our relationship with Christ, and here Clive Bowsher not only shines light on the different facets of this relationship, but also lifts our hearts to the beauty of Christ himself. Here is rich theology, a deep and pastorally wise exploration of the ‘us-in-him-and-him-in-us’ relationship that is the very heartbeat of true Christianity. Christ is not the means to some other blessing; rather, he is the one we were made for, our joy and treasure in this life and the next. Written with both poetic beauty and also real vulnerability, this book has warmed my heart and will be balm to many dry and weary souls. Highly recommended.”

Matt Searles
author of Tumbling Sky, Be Still, and God’s Story


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Clive Bowsher

Clive Bowsher is provost of Union School of Theology in Wales, United Kingdom, where he teaches and researches New Testament and biblical theology. He is the author of Life in the Son: Exploring Participation and Union with Christ in John’s Gospel and Letters.

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5 x 7
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September 4, 2023
Table of Contents

Introduction – Connecting with the Real God

  1. He Reaches Out
  2. He Relates
  3. He Befriends
  4. He Comes Close
  5. He Partners
  6. He Makes Alive
  7. He Fathers
  8. He Invites

Epilogue – God Embraces