Series editor: Michael Reeves

Small books. Big subjects.

Core biblical truth for new believers. Refreshment for mature believers.

Simple. Readable. Enjoyable. Memorable. Affordable.

Union Publishing is enthusiastic as it launches Essentials: ten important primers to fill a glaring gap. Sadly, many people don’t know the essentials of the gospel, or even what those essentials actually are. Essentials communicates crucial truth to the coming generation.

Each book introduces its own subject area, yet the aim of this series is to do more than just inform. The gospel, after all, is not merely revelation. It is a revelation that redeems and regenerates. And so, may you be renewed as you read, and brought to magnify and enjoy “the glory of the blessed God” (1 Tim. 1:11).

These small volumes (about 10,000 words), each written by a trusted and respected author, present rich theological content at a popular, clear, and accessible level for every Christian to read. They will be marketed and priced for bulk purchase so that pastors can distribute them widely in their churches.

Let these books fuel your faith, your worship, and your joy. Or share them with new believers and watch them grow.

Planned Volumes

Scripture Is Supreme
by Tim Chester

“The first leading feature in Evangelical Religion,” wrote J. C. Ryle, “is the absolute supremacy it assigns to Holy Scripture, as the only rule of faith and practice, the only test of truth, the only judge of controversy.” This book will explain and defend that claim and show why it matters. It will also consider why this does not (or should not!) make us bibliolaters. 

The Trinity
by Donald Fairbairn

The gospel is “the gospel of the glory of the blessed God” (1 Tim. 1:11). This book will introduce—and seek to bring readers to an enjoyment of—the triune God as the heart of the gospel and the true object of our love and faith.

Christ’s Exclusive Identity
by Ajith Fernando

This book will outline the biblical conviction that “there is one mediator between God and men, the man Christ Jesus” (1 Tim. 2:5), and that therefore “there is salvation in no one else, for there is no other name under heaven given among men by which we must be saved” (Acts 4:12). It will show how the gospel stands upon, and is shaped by, the unique and exclusive identity of the Son of God. It will also consider how the gospel is spoiled by adding to Christ or substituting for Christ.

The New Life
by Daniel Hames

Henry Scougal argued that true religion is more than a matter of orthodox opinions, moral behaviour, and emotional ecstasy. It is, he wrote, “a delightful and affectionate sense of the Divine perfections.” This book will outline the heartbeat and nature of the new and ongoing life the Spirit gives us, distinguishing it from superficial religious formalism.

Scripture Is Inspired
by Steffen Jenkins

The reason why evangelicals treat Scripture as their supreme authority is because it is the word of God. This book will make the case for the plenary and verbal inspiration of Scripture, considering along the way such issues as the dual authorship of Scripture.

The New People
by Conrad Mbewe

In practice, sadly, evangelicals have often tended to be individualists in their faith. Yet from the moment of our regeneration, we are part of a bigger whole, the body of Christ. This book will introduce the importance and beauty of the church and look at how all who are born again are one in Christ Jesus, and one only in Christ Jesus, not any other identity.

The New Birth
by Peter Mead

Our first need is not correct behaviour, but a new birth and a new heart that loves God. This book looks at the vital work which God must do in us, in renewing our fallen nature, giving us a new spiritual life, and so effecting a radical change of heart. It will show why this is necessary and why it matters. To avoid overlap with the following book, it focuses on the Spirit’s initial work of regeneration.

Right With God
by Michael Reeves

This volume on Justification by Faith Alone was first published in 2022 and is already in its second printing.

Christ’s Sufficient Work
by Stephen Wellum

The previous volume considers the singularity of Christ; this looks at the finality of what is found in Christ, arguing for the completeness of his work of redemption. It will show how Christ’s redemptive work is entirely sufficient, and therefore how the gospel is God’s kind work of rescue, not his offer of assistance. It should demonstrate how only this gospel fosters true Christian humility, faithfulness, joy, and unity.

Scripture Is Trustworthy
by James Bejon

Scripture can only be our supreme authority if it is entirely truthful and therefore totally trustworthy. This book will introduce readers to how Scripture is true and trustworthy in full and in every part. 


Our expectation is that all volumes will enter the publication pipeline during 2025 and 2026.