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Tag: Evangelism
If God is really so good, surely mission must be the easiest work in the world. Simply hold out Jesus in his gospel, and people should come flocking.
The very one who has given us such great comfort, is the very same one who gives us such a great commission. Looking to Jesus, we not only remember the good news of the gospel, we herald it.
Those who bask in the sunshine of this loving and generous God are the happiest Christians and the happiest missionaries. Seeing in Jesus what our God is really like causes us to shine like him.
Mission is no clunky add-on to your own delighting in God. Instead, it is the natural overflow and expression of the enjoyment you have of him so that, like him, you gladly go out to fill the world with the word of his goodness.
The following are 30 quotes from Daniel Hames and Michael Reeves’ new book God Shines Forth: How the Nature of God Shapes and Drives the Mission of the Church
Steffen Jenkins explores how Jesus offers his salvation from Esther 7–8. 
Glen Scrivener helps us consider personal evangelism. He addresses our preconceptions about God, ourselves and the world. From our UST Ministry Summer School 2020.