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Biblical theology, the Old and New Testaments, and how to read the Bible.

Systematic theology and Christian beliefs on different topics.

Church history and writings from historical authors.

Living as a Christian and putting your faith into practice.

Tag: Discipleship
Mike Reeves delves into Jonathan Edwards for insight about what it means that God is holy and that we are called to holiness. 
Martin Luther draws on Paul's picture of the Christian life as a race, especially looking at 1 Corinthians 10. 
Martin Luther's short but brilliant explanation of the two kinds of righteousness: the alien righteousness of Christ which is ours by grace, and the secondary righteousness of our good works flowing from our new status.  
G. K. Chesterton's short and whimsical essay is deceptively powerful in getting us to think about pleasure and legalism. 
John Hindley helps us to see the reality, depth and source of our sin problem – and its glorious solution in the gospel of Jesus. 
Jeremy Walker picks out nine qualities to nurture as we speak about Christ to friends and family who don't yet believe. 
Mike Reeves helps us taste the goodness of God in the third of four talks from Word Alive 2011. 
Dane Ortlund channels Jonathan Edwards to prove to us that being sanctified isn't joyless duty but beautiful transformation. 
Mike Reeves helps us taste the goodness of God in the last of four talks from Word Alive 2011. 
Sarah Bennington invites us to enjoy the generosity of God in creation and salvation – and to consider the implications for our own lives.