Preaching: A God-Centred Vision

Michael Reeves



“I want to cast a vision for preaching that is nourished by the very being of God, the glory of his Word, and the power of the gospel,” writes Michael Reeves.

Preachers are ambassadors of Christ and heralds of God, holding out Jesus so that their listeners trust, worship, and adore him.

This is a high calling, and for that we need a clear vision and great encouragement. Let this book lift your perspective and fire you up to preach with holy boldness and joy. The spiritual darkness of our day can indeed be turned back.


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“In our day of widespread spiritual famine (Amos 8:11), the church desperately needs preachers who address the head, the heart, and the hands in a Christ-centred proclamation of the life-giving and light-giving Word of God. Michael Reeves articulates how such biblical preaching is rooted in theology proper, Christology, ecclesiology, and, ultimately, doxology. May the Spirit use this thought-provoking book to reform his church and raise a mighty army of reformed, experiential preachers in our generation!”

Joel R. Beeke
Chancellor and Professor of Homiletics & Systematic Theology,
Puritan Reformed Theological Seminary


“Preachers need a robustly biblical vision for the work before them. Any understanding of preaching that reduces it simply to a transfer of theological information has missed the point. In brief compass, Michael raises our eyes to something higher and grander—a truly God-centred vision for preaching.This volume will serve as a valuable primer for the would-be preacher and a timely encouragement for the experienced proclaimer of God’s Word. I commend it warmly to anyone concerned for the cause of preaching in the church today, and especially to those called to this matchless task.”

Jonathan Griffiths
Lead Pastor, The Metropolitan Bible Church,
Ottawa, Canada


“I’ve not come across anything like this primer on preaching before. It humbled me as to the enormity of the task I’m undertaking each week, it encouraged me to keep going when I’m feeling weary, and it warmed my heart to the preciousness of the One that I have the privilege of proclaiming. A book for preachers on a Monday morning, as they look back on the day before, and get ready to go again.”

Tom Heasman
Pastor, Widcombe Baptist Church,
Bath, UK


“Michael Reeves urges those who have been set apart for ‘Word ministry’ to embrace a high and holy view of preaching: an ‘assault on … the very gates of hell, trumpeted forth so that sinners tremble and saints quake in wonder.’ The aim of preaching is ‘to reform hearts so that … [people] love God, enjoy God, and glory in God.’

There are so many gems in the book that it was hard to write a short commendation. This is a timely book, setting forth a vision of preaching that too many of us—preachers and hearers alike—fail to see. Read, mark, learn, and inwardly digest.”

David Johnston
Minister Emeritus, Hamilton Road Presbyterian Church,
Bangor, Northern Ireland


“There is arguably no greater need in the church today than for the pulpit to be restored to its former glory. That is why this book by Michael Reeves is so greatly needed. In these pages, this gifted theologian, educator, and author presents a compelling case for a much higher view of preaching than what exists in most pulpits.

As you read this book, I believe your heart will soar with a greater admiration for this glorious calling to preach the Word. Here is a strong medicine to heal the present-day famine in the land for the hearing of the word of the Lord.”

Steven J. Lawson
President, OnePassion Ministries;
Professor of Preaching, The Master’s Seminary;
and Lead Preacher, Trinity Bible Church of Dallas


“There is a great dearth in true understanding of the nature of preaching. Is it a sales job? Is it a lecture? Is it a mere moment of teaching? Other questions also quickly arise: What is ‘expository preaching’? In this wonderful book, Michael Reeves winsomely, clearly, and persuasively articulates a vision for preaching that is centred on God.”

Josh Moody
Senior Pastor, College Church, Wheaton, Illinois,
and president, God Centered Life


“Like workmen laying bricks with no grasp of the cathedral they’re constructing, many of us have learned ‘how to write a sermon’ without understanding the nature or goal of preaching. Mike Reeves has given us—with remarkable brevity—a theological clarion call. This little volume will re-orientate the experienced preacher and set the beginner on course to see Christ lifted up in the pulpit, and his flock fed.”

Jonty Rhodes
Minister, Christ Church
Central Leeds, UK


“This book is such a helpful corrective to those, who think that expository preaching is simply about getting the text right. As Michael Reeves encourages preachers to be Christ-exalting, so be exalts Christ even in the words of this book. It is a book I wish I could have written, but I would not have expressed so well the convictions, which resonate so deeply with the thoughts of my own heart. I warmly commend this book to any, who want to take seriously the enormous privilege of preaching the whole counsel of God. i think this book is great—it captures so much of my own thinking with regard to preaching and I will most certainly make use of it with my students.”

Moore Casement
Director, Cornhill Belfast


Michael Reeves

Michael Reeves (PhD, King’s College, London) is President and Professor of Theology at Union School of Theology in the UK. He is the author of Delighting in the Trinity and Authentic Ministry.

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Union Publishing
Publication Date
June 1, 2024
Table of Contents

Foreword by Sinclair B. Ferguson

  1. God Is a Preacher
  2. An Encounter with God
  3. The Light That Proves Itself
  4. Sir, We Would See Jesus
  5. Light and Heat
  6. Radical Renewal
  7. Only the Gospel
  8. Preaching Like Christ

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