(eBook) Priscilla, Where Are You? A Call to Joyful Theology

Natalie Brand

Priscilla, Where Are You: A Call to Joyful Theology by Natalie Brand


Priscilla, Where Are You? A Call to Joyful Theology

“What we believe about God is the single most important thing about us.”

This is a call to all Christians—but especially to Christian women—to engage more deeply in the joys of theology.

Priscilla was a woman of sound doctrine who wasn’t afraid to share what she knew with others.

And this is the privilege of every believing woman: we can explore truth and revel in God’s mysteries; we can live as God intended, with real spiritual strength and heartfelt praise. Then we, too, will want to share our discoveries with others.


Natalie Brand

Natalie Brand taught systematic and historical theology for many years at Union School of Theology and still supervises research there. She has authored several books, including Complementarian Spirituality: Reformed Women and Union with Christ and Prone to Wander: Grace for the Lukewarm and Apathetic.

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