Crazy but True: Connected to Jesus for Life

Natalie Brand

Crazy but True: Connected to Jesus for Life by Natalie Brand


Crazy but True: Connected to Jesus for Life by Natalie Brand

What the Bible teaches about Jesus Christ is a crazy message for women today. Why is it crazy? Because it teaches that when we have faith in Jesus, we are connected to him …forever! In this book, Natalie Brand unpacks the incredible reality of the Christian’s union with Jesus Christ. With all the new trends in spirituality; Brand calls her readers to reclaim a spirituality of truth…raw God-truth from God’s Word. These pages will help you discover the power of the Bible’s teaching that believers are united to Jesus for forgiveness but also for daily life; a truth that is deeply relevant whether you are sitting at your desk, at your steering wheel, or standing at your sink at home … Union with Christ changes everything!


Natalie Brand

Natalie Brand taught systematic and historical theology for many years at Union School of Theology and still supervises research there. She holds a Ph.D. in theology from the University of Wales, Trinity St. David, and has authored several books, including Complementarian Spirituality: Reformed Women and Union with Christ (Wipf and Stock, 2013) and Prone to Wander: Grace for the Lukewarm and Apathetic (Christian Focus, 2018). She is married to a minister and has three young daughters.

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Evangelical Press
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December 1, 2014