Starting out with the Puritans

The Puritans have a bad name: stuffy, prickly, and long-winded. It’s an unfair portrait of a group full of variety and flare, many of whom wrote wonderfully of the love of Christ and the Christian life. Though they’re not always the easiest read, your efforts will be repayed! Start with these resources to help you get going on the journey of a lifetime.

Geoff Thomas introduces us to the life and work of the Puritan John Bunyan; his conversion, writing, imprisonment, and lasting impact.  
Joel Beeke gives us expert advice on reading and enjoying the Puritans with some personal recommendations.
Ron Frost introduces us to the 'heavenly' Richard Sibbes – a Puritan pastor whose work, 'The Bruised Reed', is a must-read for all. 
Richard Sibbes' masterpiece on Christ's care for weak Christians is a must-read. Not recommended for reading on screen, though! 
Jeremiah Burroughs' sermon on the sufficiency, goodness, and glory of Jesus Christ is unmissable.