Reading the Bible

These resources will encourage you in your reading of the Bible; helping to show how Bible reading is not a chore but an opportunity to meet the living Christ in his Spirit-breathed word.

C. H. Spurgeon's encouragement to read the Bible for comfort, nourishment, guidance, and 'a thousand helps'. 
Ron Frost encourages us to make this the year we take up Bible reading in a way we'd never imagined before. 
Timothy Edwards challenges and enriches our Bible reading by giving us a sample of early Church exegesis. 
The Bible has been given to us to help us know and love Christ. Our Father is generous and loving, and loves to communicate with us; the Spirit has inspired the scriptures so that they bring life, joy, and fullness to the Christian walk. There is a joy and freedom as we open God’s book and hear his words. If you have misunderstood or abused the Bible up until now, making it about you and your efforts, simply look to Jesus instead. The Bible speaks of him and your salvation rests on him. Read it to love and trust him more.