Great Doctrines

Michael Reeves tours Oxford introducing us to Nicholas Ridley, Hugh Latimer, William Tyndale, Thomas Goodwin, Thomas Cranmer, George Whitefield, and John Owen – and the gospel doctrines they lived and died for.

Mike Reeves gives a short introduction justification by faith alone at the spot where two men gave their lives for the doctrine. 
Mike Reeves gives a short introduction to the authority of Scripture outside the Oxford college of Reformation martyr William Tyndale. 
Mike Reeves' short film shows that, amid confusion and fear, Christians desperately need to hear more of Jesus. 
Mike Reeves stands besides the memorial of martyr Thomas Cranmer who died for his convictions about the church. 
Mike Reeves tells the story of George Whitefield who discovered that transformation happens from the inside out. 
Mike Reeves asks whether heaven or eternal life or something else is the great offer of the gospel.